We held our annual Year-in Review member meeting on November 11th at the Poncha Springs Town Hall. Members and guests had an opportunity to meet friends, enjoy great food, some impromptu music and view a Powerpoint presentation on the many chapter events and activities held in 2022.

CPC volunteers Henry and Ann Klaiman and Carole Perry received special recognition for their years of service to our fishing derbies. Jerry Wright was recognized as our 2022 Volunteer of the Year for his commitment to youth education. Retiring Director, Bill Dvorak was recognized for his 9 years serving on the BoD.

Business conducted at the meeting involved electing the Board of Directors for the remainder of 2022 and upcoming 2023.

The slate of candidates for this Board was presented, voted on and approved unanimously. The new Board of Directors is:
President: Chris Lamson (New)
Vice President: Keith Krebs (New)
Secretary: Karen Dils (Re-elected)
Treasurer: Pam Simpson (Re-elected)
Directors (New) Dave Moore; Don Harville; Mark Zinkula
Directors (Terms not Expired): Gene Milus; Kim LeTourneau; Jim McGannon; Dave Belmont; Bob Hamel; Bryan Ward

Click here to view the Powerpoint presentation, or play it on Youtube:

A slideshow of our chapter’s many activities in 2022. Features member-submitted photos as well.

And here are a few photos from the meeting: