The patterns below are straight from the benches of Arkansas veterans. As the local fly shops readily demonstrate, this is not an exhaustive list, but if you have these flies in your box you will be prepared for most situations on our river.

  1.      Blue Wing Olive, dry, sizes 16-20
  2.      Blue Wing Emergers, sizes 16-20
  3.      Parachute Adams, sizes 14-20
  4.      Adult midges, dry, sizes 18-20
  5.      Tungsten bead pheasant tail, sizes 16-18
  6.      Tungsten bead Copper John, sizes 14-18
  7.      Bead head, flashback goldenstone, sizes 10-12
  8.      Bead head, caddis pupa, soft hackle, sizes 14-16
  9.      Bead head Prince nymph, sizes 10-14
  10.      Foam Body caddis, yellow and black, sizes 12-14
  11.      Elk hair caddis, sizes 12-16
  12.      Stimulator patterns, sizes 8-14
  13.      Parachute hopper patterns, sizes 8-12