Eight students came today, we had three who were out of town and will make up this activity with volunteer teachers later on. Those who came today brought their fly tying kits and the flies they had tied. Some pretty nice creations — and some really good looking ones that should work great!

We took the Chaffee Shuttle bus, driven by Dominique, to the Ouray SWA. All students took their fly rod kits and we walked down to a big field. There they learned how to join the rods, how to string them, how to tie on a fly, and how to cast.

Soon we were all spread along the northern-most pond, casting and working on technique. The weather was good, not much wind. The fish weren’t particularly cooperative, but in the end almost all students got at least one take — and many landed a fish too.

Just before noon we took the bus back to town and had some pizza in the park.