Our rivers are for everyone’s enjoyment. Simple courtesy between boaters and anglers is all it takes to assure a pleasant experience for all.

• Give other anglers a wide berth
• Avoid areas commonly used by boaters for access, lunch, or overnight stops.
• Watch your casting as boaters go by to avoid hooking someone.
• Realize that sometimes boats can only safely go one way, which might cross the pool being   fished. Move out of the way if possible.
• Know property boundaries (land doesn’t have to be posted in Colorado).
• For greater solitude on the Arkansas River, avoid the following mid-June to mid-Aug, between 10 & 4:
1) Brown’s Canyon
2) Pinacle Rock to Parkdale
3) BV River Park to Johnson Vlg (9-11am)
4) The Numbers (9-noon) until <750cfs

• If you are float fishing, refrain from fishing as you near a wade angler.
• Avoid floating directly through an area of river being fished by an angler. If possible, go well out of casting distance or behind an angler—or ask which they’d prefer.
• Stay safe from flying hooks: alert the angler to your presence!
• If you must float through a pool being fished, explain it’s your only option and apologize as you pass.
• Keep passengers quiet as you float by. Try not to spook fish by hitting rocks with your oars/paddles.
• If going ashore near an angler, avoid the area they’re fishing and land well above or below.
• All of the above applies when overtaking a float-fishing craft as well.

• Remember if you are floating the Arkansas, there are some DOW leased lands where you CANNOT stop, e.g. Dill lease below Big Bend.  Check with the local DOW office.

The river provides recreation for a variety of folks—we all need to respect each other’s choice of fun. A friendly smile, wave, or nod is always a good idea!

Read the Wade/Float Etiquette developed by the Cutthroat Chapter of Trout Unlimited.