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Meeting summary for June BoD meeting (06/19/2024)

Quick recap

The team discussed various topics including the upcoming chapter meetings, potential new members, and partnerships with organizations like Hunters of Color and Ford Bronco. They also explored ways to increase diversity and equity, such as offering reduced membership costs and integrating a free one-year youth membership. Additionally, they touched on operational matters like the Gear Library’s Fly Fishing Club, a reservation issue at the Salida Library, and plans for fundraising and AI recruitment strategies.

Next steps

  • Bianka will reach out to Andre Ugly, the statewide Angler outreach coordinator with CPU, to discuss potential partnerships and ways to get undocumented people the ability to fish without needing a day license.
  • Chris will set up a meeting with Barbara Luno, the new President of Colorado Trout Unlimited, to discuss increasing diversity and equity, and to explore ideas for lower-cost memberships.
  • Jake will write an article about the Gear Library’s recent successful event and share pictures, to be featured in the next newsletter.


Hunters of Color Partnership and Team Employment

Chris shared the April minutes on Google Drive for the team’s approval, which Karen and others agreed to. Bianka proposed adding a collaborative event related to the Hunters of Color partnership to the agenda. She also introduced herself as the new National Programs Director at Hunters of Color, an organization that partners with Backcountry Hunters and Anglers. The team also confirmed the location of their respective employment, with Donald’s revealing he works full-time at Monarch.

Chapter Meetings, Resignation, and Shed Cleanup

Chris announced the schedule for the upcoming chapter meetings, including guest speakers and the end-of-year review. He also accepted Karen’s resignation as secretary and asked for a volunteer to take over. The team discussed the implementation of AI and recruitment strategies, as well as plans for a shed cleanup in July, with Pam Simpson’s assistance. Chris agreed to send out a poll to determine the best date for the shed cleanup.

New Board Member and Event Volunteers

Chris discussed a potential new member for the board, Ricky Garden, who has been assisting Keith with river watch and is interested in the secretary position. The team, including Keith and Scott, expressed their confidence in Ricky’s motivation and capability, with Chris intending to have further discussions with her. Chris also requested volunteers for an upcoming event on July 4th and confirmed that an email with plans and agendas would be sent out. The request for volunteers was clarified to be for all members, not just board members, and Chris stated he would be preparing everything before his upcoming trip.

Upriver Film Festival and Monotubes Monitoring

Chris shared that Upriver had been offered a partnership with Flat Fusion for a fall film festival, but the board was unsure, so the event will proceed independently. The group discussed their preferences for the spring and fall festivals, and Scott encouraged support of Upriver by buying tickets if they host. Chris indicated a need for a new person to monitor the Monotubes at Sands Lake and France Lake, and Gene offered to contact Susie Lauderdale for assistance. Scott also offered to help with monitoring. The team agreed to coordinate with Susie and prepare an announcement for the newsletter.

Collaborative Event Planning and Partnerships

Bianka announced that her organization had secured a $10,000 grant for a collaborative event in partnership with Ford Bronco and aimed at involving Trout Unlimited. The event, combining conservation and outdoor activities, was to be held on public lands and included archery, fishing, and overnight camping. Bianka was seeking additional partnerships to ensure the event’s success and discussed ongoing plans for another event in the Chaffey County area, focusing on public land cleanup initiatives. The team agreed to the principles of these events, and Bianka planned to further discuss details with other parties and update the team on the outcomes.

Chris’s Camp Experience and Monarch Ponds Update

Chris shared his experience from last week’s Colorado tuition conservation and fly fishing camp, where he met a young camper named Liza Zoler from Leadville. Liza expressed enthusiasm about speaking at the September meeting, a significant change from the more reserved campers the previous year. Chris also reported that they had received a financial settlement from CPU related to the Monarch Ponds project, which was delayed due to the dock manufacturer needing full payment before the dock was delivered. The team decided not to invest the funds in a CD, as they were uncertain about when they would need it.

Gear Library’s Fly Fishing Club Update

Jake reported on the successful first meeting of the Gear Library’s Fly Fishing Club, which had taken place the previous weekend with around seven or eight participants including Bianka. The club plans to hold such meetings once a month in the coming months. Chris expressed his satisfaction with the initiative, and Don acknowledged a previous communication failure that might have prevented their involvement. The group also discussed potential changes to the club’s name to better reflect the types of fish being targeted.

Improving Diversity and Undocumented Immigrant Involvement

Jake and his team discussed the challenge of enabling undocumented immigrants to fish without needing paperwork, and the potential to recruit Spanish speakers to the organization. Jake also mentioned his plans to establish a regular pattern for bilingual hikes and running club meetings. Chris proposed setting up a meeting with Barbara Luno, the new president of Colorado tu, to discuss increasing diversity and equity, including potential reduced membership costs. Keith suggested integrating a free one-year youth membership into the program, but it was unclear whether this was currently being subsidized.

Salida Library Reservation and Gear Library Fundraising

The team discussed various topics including the Salida Library reservation issue and potential fundraising for the Gear Library. Don notified Karen about a reservation issue for the September 11th meeting, and Karen agreed to look into it. Scott emphasized the need for more content for the newsletter and suggested featuring the Gear Library. Jake agreed to provide an article and pictures from his recent experience for the newsletter. The team also wished each other a good summer and planned to reconvene in the fall.

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