By Gene Milus

Several days after Keith Krebs and Jerry Wright received gift certificates at the November meeting for their contributions to the chapter, Jim Impara was surprised to learn that he too was awarded a $100 gift certificate at Ark Anglers. Jim joined the chapter in 2006 and has been a director or vice president most of the time since then. During one year as VP he actually was co-presiding officer with Keith Krebs because no one wanted to be president. (Similar to the situation the chapter is in now.)

However, it is Jim’s contributions of flies that sets him apart from other members. Some time ago, the chapter committed to providing 400 flies per year to Casting for Recovery that serves women with breast cancer. Jim led the effort and recruited other members to tie a specific number of specific patterns. Jim thought he was off to a good start the first year when others tied about half the flies. Jim tied the other half. The chapter then decided to promise 300 flies per year to Reel Recovery serving men with any type of cancer. The quota for Casting for Recovery likewise was set at 300 per year. Success was short-lived. As the years progressed, Jim kept tying a greater percentage of the quota. Eventually he burned out as did the chapter’s donation of flies.

In addition to the flies described above, Jim annually donated 12 to 15 dozen flies to the Caddis Banquet. His 12 dozen to last year’s raffle was won by Jerry Wright who ties his own flies that catch all the fish he can handle. Jerry graciously donated the flies to the next raffle so that Jim could take a year off.

Upon hearing about his gift certificate, Jim said, “It was not necessary, but much appreciated.” He is looking forward to getting more material to tie more flies.