How long have you been a TU member? I had been a member for several years before becoming a Life Member in 1995, so over 20 years. 

Are you a chapter board member and/or officer? Currently a Board member, but have been VP and Co-Presiding Officer with Keith. 

What drew you to joining TU? A good friend in Virginia was a member and he enjoyed his experience in his local chapter. I became a member after I moved to Nebraska because I wanted to meet others with an interest in fishing and conservation. 

When did you move to the valley and join CPC? We moved to the BV area permanently in 2006 and transferred our membership to this chapter.

Where are you originally from, and what did/do you do for a living? I was born in Atlanta, GA, but grew up in the Miami, FL area. After a 3-year stint in the Army, I went to college, worked as a math teacher, then back to grad school. I received a PhD from Florida State University in 1972, while working at the Florida Department of Education. I then moved to the Oregon Department of Education from 1973 until taking a faculty position at Virginia Tech in 1976. Two years after an amicable divorce, I took a soft money position as an Associate Professor in the Department of Educational Psychology at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln. After retiring as a Professor Emeritus in 2006, Barbara Plake and I moved here. 

What section of the Arkansas do you think fishes best, and when? Usually the section of the river that I’m fishing on at the moment, otherwise I would be fishing someplace else. My favorite section is Hayden Meadows. 

What is your favorite Ark River fly? An Elk Hair Caddis dry with a caddis pupa dropper, unless it’s in the early spring or middle fall, when my favorite is a BWO with either a cripple or Barr’s emerger dropper.