How long have you been a TU member? Actually not sure how long I’ve been a member but think it’s been since the early 2000’s and I have mostly been a business member.

What drew you to joining TU? Really started working with TU in 2006 when I saw they aligned so well with the work I was doing with the National Wildlife Federation to protect public lands and wildlife and fisheries habitat.

Are you a chapter board member and/or officer? I have been on the BOD for 6-8 years.

When did you move to the valley and join CPC? Moved to Chaffee County in 1985 still at that same location in Nathrop.

Where are you originally from, and what did/do you do for a living? I grew up on a small ranch outside of Ranchester, WY, about 17 miles north of Sheridan. I started fishing the Tongue River when I was about 6. I’ve been a school teacher both here and in Australia. I also set up and ran the second Outdoor Education Center in Australia. I was an Outward Bound and a mountaineering instructor in NZ, had a scuba diving charter boat on the Great Barrier Reef and been an outfitter in USA for over 40 years. I ended up in CO for college: Mesa Junior College, 1967-68. I then spent 7 years in Australia, New Zealand and a year traveling home across Asia. I returned for my master’s degree in Alternative and Experiential Education at CU, 1979-80.

What section of the Arkansas do you think fishes best, and when? My favorite section of the Ark to fish is Browns Canyon later in the afternoon into the early evening.

What is your favorite Ark River fly? Favorite fly is Flashback Pheasant tail as a dropper under an indicator dry fly.