March 8, 2014 from 11:00am to 2:00pm

At the Salida Community Center, Third and F streets


Collegiate Peaks Anglers (CPA) chapter of Trout Unlimited is sponsoring this event for the local angling community. We do this in a spirit of fellowship to encourage fishing as a healthy activity and to allow exchange or donation of gear among kindred spirits.

This is not a fundraiser, and CPA will not make any money from holding this meeting. All participation is free of charge.

The door prize for a lucky attendee is a 1⁄2 day float trip on the Arkansas River generously donated by a local business Dvorak Expeditions.


  1. All participants will register with their name, address and phone/email.
  2. To qualify for the door prize the registrant must possess something to sell ortrade.
  3. CPA is not responsible for any items brought to the venue. Participants mustmaintain their own security for the items they bring and the disposal of these


  4. CPA will not participate or facilitate the sale of any items. Participants willconduct these interactions among themselves.
  5. Blank price tags and pens will be provided.
  6. Special tables will be identified to display whether items are for sale, trade ordonations. Additionally a table will be labeled for donations to support fishing

    activities for returned veterans.

  7. The ticket for the winner of the door prize will be drawn a 1:30 pm the day ofthe meet and the winner must be present to win.
  8. Any items not picked up by the end of the event will be considered a donation.