Goals of this group are:

  1. To encourage women to become members of Collegiate Peaks Chapter of Trout Unlimited
  2. To provide activities especially designed to give women, of all ability levels, confidence in fly fishing
  3. To encourage women to help with chapter projects and activities

For more information contact Barbara Plake at flygalscpctu@gmail.com.

FlyGals Schedule for 2024

  • Feb 22: Next Eddy Fly Shop Tour (Next Eddy Fly shop, Salida)
  • April 10, 17, May 1, 15, 29: Fly Tying (Kim’s Arena, Nathrop)
  • April 2: Kick-off (United Methodist Church)
  • April 25: IF4 film festival (Surf Hotel, BV)
  • May 10: Bug clinic and seining (United Methodist Church)
  • May 22: Casting clinic 101 (Kim’s Arena, Nathrop)
  • May 31: Knot tying / rod rigging and safety (Kim’s Arena, Nathrop)
  • June 7-9: Woodland Park (Cherith’s cabin and ponds)
  • June 23-25: Taylor Reservoir / pontoon boat (Dinner Station campground)
  • July 11: Casting clinic on moving water (Arkansas River)
  • July 27: Fishing at Laura’s (Laura’s house and ponds)
  • August 11-13: O’Haver camping (O’Haver Lake)
  • August 27: River fishing (Gail Quigley’s house, BV)
  • September 9-11: Lost Lake (Lost Lake campground)
  • October 26: Wrap-up Potluck (Mary Hallman’s house, BV)
  • December 7: Holiday Party (Cherith Marchase, Salida)

Registration is required for each of these events; to register or to get more information, contact Barbara Plake (bplake@unl.edu, 221-5196) or Linda Schuckert (lbschuckert@msn.com, 221-4044).

Connect via Facebook

FlyGals has it’s own Facebook page — please join the group to participate and to receive event updates.