Event Details

This Sunday, Oct. 7, is your chance to learn about Colorado’s oldest Historic District, have some fun walking around downtown Salida, and raise some money for our club. Owner, Steve Chapman, is offering his services, at no charge to our club and their guests, this Sunday. The cost is $15pp, and all proceeds are donated back to us. So please come out, and invite all our TU friends. The tours are this Sunday, they are approximately 1 hour, starting at 8am, 10am, and noon.

Go to https://www.salidawalkingtours.com/, select TOURS, then FUNDRAISING TOUR, and then make your reservation ( BOOK NOW). Choose our Oct. 7th date, and pick your time. Tours are limited to 10 people. Pay online with PayPal, pay in person with exact cash, or call the office with a credit card.

You’ll hear amazing tales from Salida’s colorful (oftentimes violent) history, and view over 100 preserved buildings, along with the location of the fire that destroyed Salida in 1888, the spot of a lynching, the roaring ‘recreation district,’ and why Salida is pronounced the way it is. Even locals are amazed at how much they didn’t know about their home town!
This is a fundraiser that doesn’t require our typical loads of time and planning. Just make a reservation, show up, and take a walk on a beautiful fall Sunday. All the owner asks is that if you love the tour, spread the word. This is his first year offering tours. There are four or five different types. Check them out on his website. He is a character, and I know we will all have a lot of fun!

Check out a new video about Salida Walking Tours by clicking here to view, or here: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=6LlFGVIvU9w&frags=pl%2Cwn