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Here is your chance to see Nestle’s Ruby Mt. Springs operation in Nathrop and talk directly to their folks to learn more!

There is a lot of misinformation out there. Collegiate Peaks Chapter of TU (CPC-TU) has been involved with this project along with Colorado Mountain College (CMC) from the beginning, giving them our concerns and advice.

A tour will be offered on Thursday, June 17 at 2:30-3:30pm at the Ruby Mountain facility. If you plan to attend, please email CPC member Keith Krebs at keithkrebsarchitect@gmail.com before June 14.

Directions: Turn east off of Hwy 285 in Nathrop at Fisherman’s Bridge onto CR 301 (just north of large River Runner’s sign-you can stop there on the way home for great margaritas and fish tacos by the river). At CR 300 go east towards Ruby Mountain Campground. When you see the well buildings on the right the gate will be open and you can park there (car pooling recommended).

Larry Lawrence and Catherine Herter-Ervin will do the tour.

On another note, if you were to continue past Nestle’s and the campground, you will come to a Browns Canyon National Monument parking lot and trailhead. Put it on your hiking (and fishing) list if you haven’t been in there. Maps are available there.