Event Details

Our next membership meeting will be at the Buena Vista Sangre De Cristo meeting room, at 6pm. Our guest speaker will be the infamous fisherman, writer, and well traveled Chris Duerksen, who just happens to be a fellow CPC member! Chris’s most recent article was just published as the lead article in the July/August issue of American Fly Fishing Magazine. Titled, “South Park, CO-Mission Impossible: Searching for Fish & Solitude”. We don’t want to give too much away, but he will talk about four different areas you may not have fished before! And, we will publish this article link in the October Newsletter, so as not to give away too much info prior to his presentation. And yes, you will get this for free. Another reason to look forward to our newsletter! You also may want to check out his blog, hooknfly.com, with other great articles, pictures, and even GPS info on other fishing with camping opportunities in Colorado, and elsewhere!