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CPCTU scholarship recipient Noël Clark is a graduate student at CSU studying Fish, Wildlife, & Conservation Biology. She grew up in Northern California and went to California Polytechnic State University to study marine science and statistics for her bachelor’s degree. After college, she worked for a year at a coho salmon and steelhead trout life cycle monitoring station with NOAA in Santa Cruz, CA, and fell in love with working on wild rivers.

At our May chapter meeting, she’ll discuss her work with Colorado Parks and Wildlife to study the evolutionary history of the blue and green lineages of Colorado River cutthroat trout (CRCT.) Past research has found that these two lineages of CRCT were genetically distinct, but extensive human stocking on both sides of the Continental Divide has clouded our understanding of their diversity and evolution. Green lineage populations on the East Slope with no documentation of human stocking ALSO raise the question of how they became established outside their presumed native range.

We will likely also hear from the three Leadville campers who attended last year’s CTU camp.