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  • Re-naturalize the riparian corridor along a 1.2-mile reach of the South Arkansas River between County Road 107 and the confluence with the main stem Arkansas
  • Enhance aquatic and riparian habitat to provide wildlife migration, wildfire resilience, and imporved fish habitat
  • Develop local population of young citizens who know, understand and appreciate the diversity, beauty and value of our native river ecosystems.
  • Facilitate stream science classes for local schools.
  • Create long-term site where local students learn to observe, measure, record and understand aquatic and other ecosystems.
  • Students develop and maintain database over time.
  • Local groups set-up studies of specific aquatic, terrestrial, amphibious, avian and vegetative organisms.

Collaboration among many stakeholders:

  • Collegiate Peaks Chapter-TU (CPC-TU)
  • Greater Arkansas River Nature Association (GARNA)
  • Central Colorado Conservancy (CCC)
  • Southwest Conservation Corps (SCC)
  • Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW)
  • City of Salida
  • Rob Wikoff