CPC provided volunteers to assist CPW over the course of 4 days in late August and early September with a barge-shocking project near Leadville, CO. The project covered waters of the Lake Fork, East Fork, Hayden Meadows, and main stem of the Arkansas.

A large crew of CPW staff from Salida, Canon City, and Colorado Springs were managed by Alex Townsend, the Salida area CPW Aquatic Biologist. The CPC volunteers worked primarily in the water with nets, transferring shocked fish from the front of the shocking line to the rear, to be placed in the floating live well. 2-3 sweeps of each section produced an amazing number of primarily brown trout of all sizes and age classes. A couple of large resident rainbows were found in the Lake Fork section. After being weighed and measured, each fish was returned to the water unharmed.

CPC volunteers were: Jerry Wright, Pam Simpson, Mark Zinkula, Richard Frey, Reed &
Karen Dils, Chris Morton, Peter Wong and Josh Moore.