For more than ten years, Michael Harrington graced the monthly Collegiate Peaks Chapter of TU newsletter with his poetic musings on rivers, fly fishing, and life. The “River Speaks” section of the newsletter was the most beloved and anticipated every month. “River Speaks” is in hiatus, but we’ve gone through the last 10+ years of newsletters and assembled a book of them all. Some “Speaks” are short, others are long, but all capture some of the essence of our special relationship with the river. It will be a softcover booklet over 70 pages long.

You can find them in the pre-2023 editions in the newsletter archive.

As we plan on printing just the number of copies that will sell, you’ll need to pre-order the book by the end of April. We will deliver the books by late May. All proceeds will benefit Collegiate Peaks chapter of Trout Unlimited.

Please contact for more information.