1. Be willing to serve as an officer or a term on the board of directors. WE ARE AT A CRITICAL POINT THIS YEAR, SO PLEASE STEP UP. CONTACT ANY BOARD MEMBER FOR INFO AND WE ARE HERE TO HELP!
  2. Become a sponsor or donor for the Caddis Festival Banquet
  3. Tie some flies to be donated to the Casting for Recovery program for breast cancer survivors (let Jim at twopi@hughesnet know what you’ll tie).
  4. Become a member.
  5. Be willing to solicit for donations for the Caddis Festival. Names and script will be provided. We NEED volunteers to do this community activity!
  6. Participate in a chapter activity or project.
  7. Serve on a committee (you don’t have to be a board member)
  8. Consider designating part of your Colorado income tax refund through the Healthy Rivers tax check off to go to watershed protection. This year the Fund is endangered by the downturn in the economy. If the Fund does not generate more than $75,000 in a single year it will be dropped from the Tax check off program.
  9. Each individual CAN make a difference in our success!