Keith Krebs (chair), Kim LeTourneau, Scott Greiner, Bob Hamel, Jake Vasquez

Responsibilities: Conservation and restoration project identification, planning, and execution.

Finance and Fundraising

Mark Zinkula (chair), Jerry Wright, Barbara Plake, Rick Helmick, Keith Krebs, Pam Simpson, Scott Greiner, Don Harville

Responsibilities: Financial oversight, budgeting, fundraising goals, plans and execution.


Tom P (chair), Tom Arnot, Scott Greiner

Responsibilities: Communicating chapter news and activities via website, email newsletter, social media.


Barbara Plake (chair), Les Stencel, Ellen Bauder, Dave Belmont, Dick Isenberger, Bianka Martinez

Responsibilities: Scholarship candidate solicitation and selection of recipients; maintenance of scholarship requirements.

Youth Education

Keith Krebs (chair), Eric Heltzel, Jerry Wright, Kim LeTourneau, Mark Zinkula

Responsibilities: Organization of education programs geared towards youth level skills and information; collaborating with partner organizations on youth education events.

Adult Education

Bryan Ward (chair), Dave Belmont, Don Schoderbek, Jake Vasquez, Karen Dils

Responsibilities: Organization of education programs geared towards adult level skills and information; collaborating with partner organizations on adult education events.


Reed Dils (chair), Bob Hamel

Responsibilities: Awareness and involvement in lobbying and political advocacy efforts, primarily through CTU Bull Moose Committee and ABRT.


Karen Dils (chair), Dan Clegg, Bill Dvorak, Mark Zinkula, Bryan Ward, Rick Helmick, Don Schoderbek, Bob Hamel, Bianka Martinez, Gene Milus, Dave Belmont

Responsibilities: Organization of youth fishing derbies, social events, community outreach events, chapter meetings.


Barbara Plake and Linda Schukert (co-chairs), Laura Bryan, Kim Letourneau

Responsibilities: Planning, promotion, and execution of ‘by women, for women’ Fly Gals programs.

Veterans Services Partnership

Gene Milus (chair), Dave Belmont, Bryan Ward, Don Harville, Don Schoderbek, Rick Helmick

Responsibilities: Planning and execution of chapter-led PHWFF events.

Recruitment and Retention

Tom Arnot (chair), Rick Helmick, Patricia Helmick, Gene Milus, Karen Dils

Responsibilities: Soliciting new members, communicating with lapsed members, identifying potential BoD and Officer candidates.

Coldwater Resources Fund

Don Harville (chair), Chris Lamson, Jake Vasquez

Responsibilities: Specific to use of Coldwater Resource Fund as defined in bylaws.

CTU Liaison

Keith Krebs (chair)

Responsibilities: Individual responsible for periodic reports of chapter activities to CTU.