Projects: Keith Krebs, Kim LeTourneau, Rick Helmick, Pam Simpson,
Garret Christie

Responsibilities: Schedule and coordinate planning of stream/habitat restoration
projects, maintenance activities, and respond to all agency or other requests for
assistance on projects. Coordinates with Veterans Services Partnership Committee.

Special Projects: Ecosystems Learning Center (ELC) & S. Ark Restoration:
(C) Keith Krebs, Kim LeTourneau, Pam Simpson, Garret Christie, Rick

Responsibilities: Ongoing fundraising and coordination with other stakeholders
(CCC, SCC, GARNA, SPOT, etc.) Future scheduling and coordination of volunteers to
assist with stream/habitat restoration portion of project.

Volunteer Coordination: (C) Karen Dils

Responsibilities: Maintain volunteer person-/hour statistics from all resource related
activities. Prepare monthly and year-end reports.

Membership: (C) Tom Arnot, Rae Pedersen, Rick & Patricia Helmick

Responsibilities: Recruitment and nurturing of new members, updating the distribution
of membership packets, assignment of mentors to all new members, keeping current
rosters, annual distribution & creation of membership lists for members.

Programs: (C) Bob Hamel, Karen Dils

Responsibilities: Reserve general and board meeting rooms and arrange for entry, e.g.
key. Procure interesting and provocative programs for each monthly meeting; set up
audio/visual for speakers; provide for refreshments and hospitality at meeting social
hour; schedule interesting demonstrations for the social hour whenever possible. Notify
the newsletter and local media, in a timely manner, of the next month’s programs and
where the meeting will take place.

Finance: (C) Pam Simpson, Jerry Wright, Barbara Plake, Rick Helmick

Responsibilities: Keep record of all chapter income and expenditures. Draft annual
chapter budget for Board approval. Ensure that there is independent oversight of the
chapter’s financial condition every year.

Communications: Tom Palka, Tom Arnot, Rick Helmick

Responsibilities: Through newsletter, website, calendar coordinator, and other media
subcommittees, publicize chapter activities in local, state, and national media on a
continuing basis. Utilize email to notify members of upcoming activities and information
of interest.

Scholarship Committee: (C) Barbara Plake, Les Stencel, Ellen Bauder,
Dave Belmont, Dick Isenberger

Responsibilities: Refer to CPC-TU Policy Statements for awarding renewable annual

Youth Education: (C) Keith Krebs, Eric Heltzel, Jerry Wright, Kim
LeTourneau, Garret Christie

Responsibilities: Insure the success of all chapter activities that are undertaken
primarily to interest and educate. Initiate contacts with schools, youth organizations,
and town recreation departments to maximize the participation of young people in
activities which promote the development of interested and curious people.

Adult Activities: Dave Belmont, Bryan Ward

Responsibilities: Plan, and/coordinate special events for adult members, such as river
tours, fly casting clinic, fly tying clinic, adult stream ecology class, etc.

Special Events: (C) Larry Payne, Bryan Ward

Responsibilities: Plan, and/or coordinate continuing special events such as chapter
trips, movie night, picnics, and other social activities approved by the Board, and not
otherwise included in any other committee.

Community Involvement: Ann & Henry Klaiman, Carole Perry (July 4th
Derby-Salida), Bill Dvorak (Labor Day Derby-Buena Vista), & Garret Christie

Responsibilities: Fishing Derbies (4th of July & Labor Day), river clean-ups. This will be
the last 4th of July Fishing Derby organized by the Klaiman’s and Perry’s. Looking for
members to step up & take this over.

Advocacy: (C) Reed Dils, Jim McGannon, Bob Hamel

Responsibilities: Establish and coordinate liaison with CTU, NTU, state legislators,
county commissioners, and other elected officials to further TU goals of protecting the
cold-water resource and monitor various Water Conservancy Districts. Chairperson is
the coordinator for non-project issues, which require action on the part of chapter

Fundraising: (C) Rick Helmick, Jerry Wright, Pam Simpson, Keith Krebs

FlyGals: (Co Chairs) Barbara Plake & Linda Schuckert, Laura Bryan

Responsibilities: Plan and conduct the chapter’s women’s functions to encourage
women to become members of TU and participate in chapter resource projects and
other events.

Veterans Services Partnership: (C) Gene Milus, Dave Belmont, Bryan Ward:

Responsibilities: Collaborate and communicate with local veteran organizations. Schedule, coordinate and populate periodic veteran engagement activities, fishing
outings, and other activities.

CTU Liaison: (C) Jim McGannon, Reed Dils

Responsibilities: Attend quarterly and annual CTU Board Meetings and report to

Simpson, Gene Milus, Karen Dils, Kim LeTourneau, Rick Helmick

Responsibilities: Reassess job description of the President, VP, officers, & board members. Balance &
redirect some of the President’s duties throughout the other officers & board, working
towards a “Lite” version. Work to include suggestions on how to recruit future officers &
board members.