Policy Statements

Annual Donation to CTU

The background is that for at least ten years, maybe back to the start of the chapter, CPC has pledged 20 % of the banquet net income to CTU as an annual contribution. We usually rounded it up to the nearest $500 – the most recent amount was $5,500. The Treasurer shall make an impact recommendation.


The Chapter awards up to $2,000/person/semester up to the budgeted amount for the year, $12,000 as of 2018. The scholarship committee will prepare the yearly application and decide on the details (i.e. up to three scholarships and up to $2,000 per semester). Refer to the scholarship page for more information.

Donation to CTU Auction

The Chapter has traditionally donated a trip and purchased a Gold table at the annual CTU auction. The Gold table tickets are then sold to Chapter members at half price.


The Chapter does not sell advertising on its website nor in its newsletter. However, members in good standing may request a website link to their web page. Banquet sponsors/donors may have a link on our website.

Annual Planning Meeting

The Chapter holds a planning meeting in January to develop a strategic plan for the coming calendar year. The meeting alternates between Salida and Buena Vista (2018 the meeting was in Salida)

Coldwater Resource Fund

The Coldwater Resource Fund is established effective this date (January 3, 1998). Specific guidelines are as follows:

The primary objective of the Fund is to provide funding above and beyond normal chapter operating expenses in furtherance of the Trout Unlimited mission.

A standing three-member committee, consisting of the current president, treasurer, and member from the chapter Board at large is hereby established. The committee duties will be to administer the fund in compliance with Board direction, and report to the Board.

Annually at the summer Board Meeting the chapter’s contribution to the Coldwater Resource Fund will be determined.

No funds will be removed unless approved by a majority vote of the Board of Directors (all members voting personally or by written or e-mailed proxy).

This Policy Statement is to be attached to the Chapter Bylaws, pending incorporation to said bylaws, and is binding on future Boards of Directors.

Approved by the Board of Directors

January 3, 1998


Steve Craig

Chapter Projector Use Rules

Due to the high replacement cost and 1500 hour life of projector bulbs, use of the Chapter digital projector will be restricted to the following:
1. Chapter monthly meetings and board meetings.
2. Chapter retreats, banquets and special planning meetings.
3. Chapter presentations to local government and other organizations.
4. Loaned to other organizations ONLY with approval of the board and with a chapter member present.

The Chapter projector will be the responsibility of the Program Chairperson:
1. The projector can be checked out by Chapter members for use as specified above.
2. The projector must be returned to the Program Chairperson immediately following its use.
3. Any problems with the projector must be reported to the Program Chairperson immediately upon its return.
4. The Program Chairperson will be responsible for training all users per the Owners Manual.

Banquet Tickets

The Chapter will not give tickets to donors. Only paid unused tickets can be given away. Distribution is to be determined by Chapter President & Banquet Chair. Motion: to accept resolution. Vote: Passed (Unanimous) April 11, 2007