Background – The chapter has operated since being chartered with an annually elected treasurer performing most of the duties required to maintain and report chapter finances. In addition to the treasurer, an appointed Finance Committee provides oversight and drafts an annual budget for approval by the Board of Directors.

A policy approved and implemented by National Trout Unlimited at the 2015 annual meeting requires chapters to put into place certain safeguards and oversight in order to better protect chapter financial assets. The following describes procedures, duties and responsibilities to comply with NTU policy and are effective immediately upon Board of approval of this policy.

Treasurer — In addition to what is stated in the chapter bylaws, the treasurer will report to the Board monthly (whether or not a Board meeting is held) a Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss for the previous month, statement of checks written and deposits made during the previous month, and a P&L for the fiscal year to date.

Finance Officer — The Board of Directors will annually appoint a current or former Board member to assist the Treasurer and Finance Committee. This officer will not be a member of the Board. The chapter Treasurer will ensure that the Finance Officer receives the monthly statements, as issued by all financial organizations holding chapter accounts, in advance of the Treasurer. The Finance Officer will not have signature authority on any chapter accounts for checking writing or funds transfer. The primary responsibility of the Finance Officer is to provide oversight of chapter funds held by financial institutions and report to the Treasurer and President any irregularities as well as compliance with all Board of Directors approved appropriations and expenditures.

This Policy Statement is to be attached to the Chapter Bylaws, pending incorporation to said bylaws as appropriate, and is binding on future Boards of Directors (subject to annual confirmation).

Approved by the Board of Directors

December 9, 2015

signed: Keith Krebs