CPC MISSION: To preserve, protect and restore North America’s cold water fisheries and their watersheds.

CPC VISION: Ensure that current and future generations of the upper Arkansas River Valley enjoy, appreciate and cherish our waters and to carry on the mission of protecting the quality watershed for present and future generations.

The Board of Directors (BoD) of the Collegiate Peaks Chapter of Trout Unlimited may choose to take a public stance on ballot issues, requests from advocacy groups, or other community efforts that may affect the mission and vision of CPC. Such support by CPC, whether formal or informal, requires approval by 2/3 of the entire BoD, including officers, not just those present at the meeting. An individual Board member or employee of CPC is not authorized to be a public spokesperson for the Chapter unless authorized by the BoD.

In considering such action the BoD will use the following as guidelines:

1. Such support must be permitted under Federal and Colorado law.
2. The issue directly impacts and is consistent with the mission and vision of CPC.
3. The issue/proposal is non-partisan, not affiliated with a specific political party.
4. The issue is one of local impact to CPC.

The process by which the BoD makes an informed decision whether to take a stance of pro, con, neutral or no position may involve:

• Listening to positions from a variety of groups and/or individuals by having representatives of the pros & cons attend a CPC BoD meeting, by Board members attending forums addressing both issues, and/or by reading position papers on both sides of the issue.
• Deciding whether it is worth the risk of taking a position realizing the possibility of a “backlash” against CPC by some in the community if a “public” BoD position were taken.
The type and level of involvement of the BoD may include, one or more of the following as approved by the BoD:

• Personal and word of mouth about CPC’s stance to friends.
• Media announcement about CPC’s position.
• Speaking to other groups as representatives of CPC’s position.
• Letting the CPC name and logo be used in the campaign.
• Allowing BoD members who take a position on an issue to use their affiliation with the BoD ​ in public.
• It is a BoD member’s responsibility to share with the board the reason for dissent prior to making statements in public.

Approved by the Board of Directors, November 8, 2014

signed: Keith Krebs