We no longer list the e-mail addresses on this page — too many spammers keep harvesting them and causing confusion in our communications. You can contact our chapter by emailing us. If there is a particular director or board member that you want to reach, include that information and we’ll make sure your email gets to them!


Chris Lamson, Buena Vista, CO (2024)


Keith Krebs, Nathrop, CO (2024)


Karen Dils, Buena Vista, CO (2024)


Don Harville, Buena Vista, CO (2024)


Gene Milus Salida, CO (2024)

Dave Belmont, Salida, CO (2024)

Bob Hamel, Howard, CO (2024)

Bryan Ward, Salida, CO (2024)

Mark Zinkula, Buena Vista, CO (2025)

Jake Vasquez, Salida, CO (2025)

Scott Greiner, Buena Vista, CO (2026)

Don Schoderbek, Cotopaxi, CO (2026)

Bianka Martinez, Salida, CO (2026)

Kim LeTourneau, Nathrop, CO (2026)