We received a great thank-you letter from one of our scholarship recipients — and wanted to share it.

Dear Collegiate Peaks Anglers Scholarship Committee,

I am writing to express my sincere gratitude to you for making the Collegiate Peaks Anglers Scholarship possible. I am delighted and deeply honored to learn of my selection for this scholarship and am sincerely appreciative of your support.

I am a non-traditional student returning to college after a twelve year absence. With a double major in Biology and Environment & Sustainability, I am hoping to acquire the education, experience, and connections necessary to influence attitudes and policies regarding our interactions with the natural world as we move into an uncertain environmental future. Your generous financial assistance has enabled me to spend more time in dedication to my studies by allowing me the time to approach these goals as my full-time job. During my first semester I earned a 4.0 GPA, and am thus far upholding the same for the current year. I have been able to participate in volunteer opportunities relating to my field of study, and am delighted to have been elected Treasurer for the Tri-Beta Biological Honors Society and President of the Wildlife Society. All of these things are made possible by your generous support.

Thank you again for you confidence and generous assistance. Scholarships such as yours help to level the playing field of opportunity and make dreams possible. With the help of the Collegiate Peaks Anglers Scholarship, I will continue to strive for academic excellence and community involvement while I endeavor to assist others in their own dreams and pursuits.


Amy C. H. [ed: name abbreviated for privacy reasons]